Refill Service

We want our customers to fall in love with their custom pieces so offer refills for all D'Ann Candles.
This means you can enjoy burning your candle, knowing that you can leave it with us to restore it to it's former beauty. 
Have something else you want filled? Bring it along to the market and if it is in good condition we can refill your treasured piece.

Want to find out the cost? 

Measure the volume of your jars by filling them with water and decanting that off into a measuring jug.  Record the volume and calculate cost using the mls.
500ml of scented wax costs $40 ($8 per 100ml). This is the minimum order. 

Drop off locations:  Pokeno or any of my markets. 
Turn around time varies, depending on work load. But refill should be completed within 5 working days. 


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